Who is the Phantom Tire Buyer

Well, the Phantom Tire Buyer will be the first to tell you, he has a secret identity.  So, it’s hard to say who he is, exactly, but we did a little digging.  Here’s what we know for sure:

Sometime around the millennial year, a stranger began appearing at tire stores that did not include free alignment with standard 4-tire installation.  He was passionate about the importance of alignment, and often would cause somewhat of a scene with his righteous protestations.  Some felt that his choice of costume belied the seriousness of his mission, however.  The Phantom Tire Buyer would often hear things like:  “Hey, what’s with the stupid cape and glasses?”  Or, “Hey, your cape and glasses look really stupid.”

As the years went by, Tire Discounters remained the only tire store that earned the Phantom Seal of Approval.  He became a frequent visitor at Tire Discounters locations, which caused some to speculate that the Phantom Tire Buyer’s secret identity might be none other than Chip Wood, the founder and owner of Tire Discounters.  But, as the Phantom often reminds us, that’s impossible because Chip Wood doesn’t wear glasses.  We do know that the Phantom Tire Buyer knows Chip, though, from references to conversations with “my good friend, Chip Wood”.  A Phantom hotline between the Phantom and Chip has also been mentioned in passing.

Where is the Phantom’s Lair?

All we have to go on are visual clues that are revealed in the video series “Phantom Shorts”.  The Phantom Tire Buyer appears to live a rather spartan existence.  His only real indulgence is the full-sized Hunter alignment rack in his dining area.

While we are unable to track his specific location, the Phantom Tire Buyer finds ways to help the general public in their pursuit for the best overall value to having your tires installed.

Check out the Phantom Tire Buyer in his own series called Phantom Shorts!