Tires and Safety – What you need to know

It is easy to assume that once you purchase your tires, that you can forget about them. After all, the sales associate told you all about their features, benefits and how tires and safety go hand in hand. New tires are great and will increase your safety on the road tremendously, but there are still some easy checks that you can do to ensure that your tires keep you safe for many miles ahead.

Tires and Safety – Treat your car to a little monthly V.I.P.
V – Valves

Make sure all your valves have caps. This isn’t the place to let off a little hot air.

I – Inspect

Check your tires for even tire wear. For tread, most tires have built in indicators to let you know when the tread depth is low. You can also use a penny. If the tread doesn’t cover Lincoln’s head when you place the penny head down in the tread, it’s time for a visit to TD.

P – Pressure

Check your tire pressure monthly. Heck, stop in and we will check it for you and get you evened out.

Find something you’re not sure about? Just contact your neighborhood Tire Discounters location and we will gladly put your mind at ease.