The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer – Entry #27



Dear  Diary

A Web Log from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

February 4, 2019

I have never been too concerned about my eyesight.  As a Phantom Tire Buyer with a secret identity, my glasses are an integral part of my clever disguise.  And yet, dear diary, I must confide to you that the lenses are clear!  It was only after Tire Discounters installed my new windshield wipers that I supected something was amiss.  I anxiously awaited the first rain or snowfall after the installation so that I would witness perfect clarity with each swipe of the new blades.  Finally, the big day came, and with the falling of the first flakes I hopped in the Phantomobile for a spin!

Swipe/and the windshield is clean!  Then, more flakes and/swipe…an utterly pristine windshield!  As you might imagine, I was enthralled by process, but it’s rather repetitive to describe.

Just then, in scanning the road ahead left to right as safe drivers do, I detected a vague blurriness in objects that were far away.  I made haste to the eye doctor and was informed that my vision was not 20/20!

There is a lesson here.  New wipers at Tire Discounters are effective and endlessly fascinating, but proper vision is just as important.  So from this day on, when I see someone with unsightly streaks on their windshields, my advice will be twofold:  go to Tire Discounters for new windshield wipers – and get your eyes checked by a medical professional.