The Diary Of The Phantom Tire Buyer – Entry #14

Dear Diary,

A Web Log from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

October 18, 2018

Hello again.  At this time of year I’m always a bit agitated:  as Old Man Winter approaches (that’s just a saying, I remember being somewhat disappointed when I learned that he wasn’t real), I’m filled with trepidation that I haven’t done enough.  There may still be vehicles out there that are unsafe due to uneven tread wear, or simply treads that are too worn down to operate in inclement weather.

But what more can I do?  I warn everyone I can, but after all, I’m only a Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity.  Also, I must constantly remind myself that not everyone appreciates my advice and concern.  Like that man at the stoplight the other day.  In my defense all I can say is that I knocked on his window with the best of intentions.  I’m still not sure why he felt physical threats were necessary.