The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #87

A Web Log from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

Dear reader, I’m afraid I’m failing in very important mission.  When my close personal friend, Chip Wood, began to offer free alignment with standard installation on 4-tire purchases in 1997, I was sure that it only be a matter of time before all other tire stores saw the error of their ways.  After all, everyone who has ever sold a tire knows perfectly well that one should NEVER put new tires on a misaligned vehicle!  I call that a recipe for disaster.   Because as soon as that tire begins to wear unevenly, it can’t ever be made right again.  The poor customer is left with tires that will wear out much faster, and will not be as safe as possible on the road, 

It was 1997 when Chip first made this revolutionary change in the tire business.  I immediately set out to spread the good news to his competitors.  I wasn’t greeted with hearty welcome that I’d hoped for.  One “gentlemen” responded by physically throwing me out to street, shouting “and don’t come back you cape-and-glasses-wearin’-alignment-givin’-away freak!”   

Well, here it is, late in 2020 and I’m afraid that another year is going to pass by wherein Tire Discounters remains the lonely provider of this essential service.