The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #81

A Web Log from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

The more I tell people about Tire Discounters’ new Service Valet program, the more I am shocked by their disbelief.  Sure, no tire store has ever offered this service before.  But need I remind you that Tire Discounters is owned and operated by Chip Wood and his family?  (full disclosure – as I may have mentioned in the past, Chip Wood is my close, personal friend)  For those of you who were following the tire business in 1997, do you remember anything particularly shocking or revolutionary happening that year?  Allow me to remind you that Chip Wood and Tire Discounters introduced FREE ALIGNMENT with standard 4-tire installation! 

So why is it so surprising that Chip and his family are once again spearheading an industry changing initiative?  No, the surprising thing to me is that ANYONE would buy tires or have their vehicle maintenance performed anywhere else? 

I urge you to try this amazing new service.  Tire Discounters will pick your car up, do the needed and authorized work, and return the vehicle to you at your home or office!  Oh, and don’t forget about that free alignment with standard installation when you buy 4 tires. 

And by all means, tell your friends!  Spread the word that Chip Wood and Tire Discounters have done it again!