The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #77

A Web Log about an Opportunity to Give from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

Dear Reader, this is a very special and heartfelt diary entry.  Have you heard of the charitable organization, based in Cincinnati, called May We Help?  It’s an organization of generous engineers and others who have banded together to assist people with disabilities and help them pursue their passions.  I urge you to find out more about them at  Since the Covid 19 outbreak, they decided to apply their talents toward an additional goal:  constructing face shields to protect our brave health care workers. 

To help them with this effort, Chip Wood, whose father was a co-founder of May We Help, and Tire Discounters is encouraging their customers to donate whatever they can.  They know these are strange days that have financially impacted many of us.  But with a donation as small as $2, you can provide May We Help with the raw materials they need to make a face shield. 

It’s an opportunity for us all to make a difference and contribute to our communities.  Please call or stop by (yes, the stores are still open and helping to keep essential workers and travelers safe on the road) and donate whatever you can.  Tire Discounters is not the only family-owned and operated store to be pitching in and helping their neighbors.  Many good people are doing everything they can as we face this common enemy.  I’m proud of my friends at Tire Discounters and May We Help.