The Diary of The Phantom Tire Buyer #76

A Web Log from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

As a Phantom Tire Buyer with a secret identity, I thought I’d just about seen it all.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think I’d ever be adding a surgical mask to my Phantom costume. We all need to take great care these days, and leave our homes (or lairs) only when necessary.  But travel is still a must for many of us.  From health professionals getting to and from health care facilities or first responders reporting to their posts – to parents shopping for their families, some travel is still necessary. So I take great pride in my small association with Tire Discounters, and even greater pride in what they’re doing to provide essential services to their customers who need to still be on the road. 

For example, right now, on select major brands, Tire Discounters is not charging for installation!  They know that right now everyone needs to save every penny possible, and by not charging for standard installation Tire Discounters is saving their customers $29.99 per tire!  It’s called “Labor’s On Us” and it’s really quite a large savings.  When you couple that with a free alignment, customers who need to be on road can better afford to do it. 

I’m very proud of my good friend Chip Wood and everyone at Tire Discounters for keeping us all as safe as possible in our essential travels.  Labor’s On Us won’t solve all our problems, but every nickel counts!