The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #72:

A Web Log about pothole season from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

Pothole season is coming.  That phrase sends chills down the spine of this Phantom Tire Buyer with a secret identity.  Most people consider the greatest pothole-caused mayhem to be a flat tire or bent rim/wheel that results after a dramatic ka-thunk.  BUT.  For people like me, cursed with an obsession for vehicle safety, the true damage is far more insidious – for it hides itself as it lurks in the vehicle.  

Did you know that even the smallest pothole can throw your vehicle out of alignment?  Fortunately, Tire Discounters, founded and owned by my good friend Chip Wood and his beautiful family, offers a free alignment check!  I urge everyone to take advantage of this free and oh so beneficial service.  Once your vehicle is mis-aligned, your handling will be thrown off; your tires will begin to wear unevenly; and cats will mate with dogs.  (Ha, ha, that last part was just what we in the diarist business call and “attention-getter”. 

I myself felt a rather jarring bump just the other day.  I turned around and went immediately to Tire Discounters.  There, they carefully checked the Phantomobile’s alignment aaaand….I was lucky this time! 

Don’t take chances with the safety of your family and the handling of your car.  Take it to Tire Discounters for a free inspection!