Tires and Weather

Tires and weather, weather and tires. The two always seem to go hand in hand. If you can juuuuuuust get here. We can help you get ready for winter. Safer Handling… Longer Lasting Tires… Improved Gas Mileage. All things that a proper alignment can do for you this winter.

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Penny Test For Tread Depth

A key factor in determining the health of your tires is tread depth. Your tires tread is responsible for breaking, traction, handling, steering and even comfort. Tread depth helps keep your vehicle on the road and the occupants of your vehicle safe. One of the quickest and easiest ways to check is the penny test for tread depth.

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Rotating Your Tires

Rotating your tires extends the life of your tires and saves you money. Rotating your tires is physically moving your tires from one spot to another; left to right, back to front or even diagonally.

What are the benefits of rotating your tires? You’re helping the tread wear more evenly on all four tires. Tires tends to wear unevenly. Front tires tend to wear on the outside because the tire angles when the vehicle turns a corner. While rear tires tend to wear more evenly as they aren’t leading the charge, simply following the front tires during a turn.

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Speed & Load Ratings Lowdown

Tires are a critical component of every vehicle. Manufacturers spend countless dollars fine tuning the handling characteristics of every model. Before the first one leaves the factory, engineers determine the best speed and load ratings for tires for that specific vehicle.

Speed and load ratings of a tire don’t just indicate how fast it can go or how much weight it can carry. It also includes the overall construction of the tire. The construction of a tire is what affects the ride and handling of your vehicle.

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