Summer, Winter or All-Season Tires?

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Summer, Winter or All-Season Tires? It all comes down to two factors. The first is the rubber compound from which they are made. The second is the overall tread pattern designed specifically for certain weather conditions.

Summer Tires

Summer tires are all about putting the most rubber to the road for maximum handling and performance. These groups are designed to let water escape from beneath the tread to help prevent hydroplaning. They’re also made with a soft rubber compound that makes them sticky as they heat up to provide extra grip.

One important factor to remember is that when this compound gets cold, it gets hard. The hardening of the tire is not ideal for driving during winter. Hence, summer tires are best in warmer weather usually between Easter and Halloween.

Winter Tires

Winter tires provide excellent traction on snow or ice roads. This is due to the compound and tread design. The type of winter tire you choose will be based on the winter driving conditions you experience most. These tires are designed to provide a strong grip on slippery surfaces.

Their tread pattern is designed to plow through snow and is made of a compound that stays pliable. Even in very cold temperatures, this compound is designed to give you good traction.

Now, the same compound that remains flexible in cold temperatures is also the reason you don’t want to drive on your winter tires all year round. The heat and excessive use will wear out the tread and they may not last until the next winter.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are designed to offer a combination of benefits from summer and winter tires. They are versatile enough for all seasons while still delivering good performance. A unique tread design allows these tires to maintain traction in warm and cold temperatures. Design features also provide good traction in rain and snow.

While it sounds like all-season tires are the best option, all-season tires cannot provide optimal performance under all conditions. You will have to determine what tires are best for you based on your geographic location, the way you drive and your typical road conditions.

Summer, Winter or All-Season Tires, Tire Discounters Can Help

Visit a local Tire Discounters and allow our experts help you determine what type of tires are best for you. As every driver’s needs are different depending on the weather and road conditions they encounter during the year.