Spare the rod, spare the… tire?

If you were to list the items that are assumed to come standard on your new car, at the top of that list is probably a spare tire. Sadly, an increasing amount of new and used vehicles are ditching the spare. I bet you’re thinking to yourself that losing the junk in the truck is normally a good thing right? In most ways, sure, but in this case, a vital part of your car is being replaced with tire inflation kits and run flat tires.

At Tire Discounters, we believe in always doing the right thing, so we have collected a few helpful tips for our Tire Discounter families who may only have an inflation kit or run flat tires.

Helpful Tips
  • Inflation kits cannot repair every flat due to various tire injuries and punctures. For example, if the puncture is on the sidewall and is larger than a quarter inch you cannot use the repair kit
  • The tire may not be able to be repaired once tire sealant has been applied
  • The use of tire sealant may void your tire’s manufacturer warranty
  • Run flat tires are designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, but they can only be driven up to a range of 200 miles at 55 mph depending on tire type

We hope the above tips and education provide safety for your family and community.

Still concerned about being stranded on the Brent Spence? Give your local Tire Discounters store a call to get that extra tire and wheel to place in your car to keep your family rolling safely down the road.

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