The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #61:

A Web Log about Service while you sleep from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

I have a neighbor, Mr. Worley, who it seems is always working.  Often, I’ll see him at the crack of dawn driving into work – and then will have the chance to wave at him once again when I’m taking my late evening constitutional.  

Then, just last night, I noticed that his right front tire was beginning to wear unevenly:

“Excuse me, Mr. Worley, but I believe you need to go see out friends at Tire Discounters straightaway!”

“Oh hiya Phantom!  Yeah, I thought you might notice that uneven wear on my right front tire.”


“See, problem is, I haven’t had the time to go see Mike at Tire Discounters.  I work a LOT.”  

“Hmmm.  Tell me, did you happen to see the latest flyer entitled ‘What’s New at Tire Discounters’ that I pass around the neighborhood on a bi-weekly basis?”

“Oh, of course!  But I only had time to skim it.”  

“Well, shame on you then.  Miss a paragraph/miss a lot!  It happens that the first article highlighted Tire Discounters’ latest customer convenience:  Service While You Sleep!”


“Just drop your vehicle off in the evening, and in the morning – it’s done!”

“Wow!  At any store?”

“Well, right now it’s only available in Cincinnati and Columbus, but it’s spreading fast!”

“No wonder.  What a great idea!  Service While I Sleep!” 

“Perhaps you’ll pay more attention to my next mimeographed copy of ‘What’s New at Tire Discounters!’”

“Uh, Phantom?”


“Hardly anybody in the neighborhood reads that.  I mean, we like Tire Discounters and all, but…”

”Oh, but think what you’re missing!  I’ll keep at it though.  Stay tuned for my next issue, soon to arrive at every house on our fair street!  Spoiler alert:  the lead article goes into great detail about the importance of proper alignment!”