The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #74:

A Web Log about shocks from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

Your shocks may be fooling you.  But oh, but the wear and tear is there, and gradually your vehicle’s ride will deteriorate.  But GRADUAL is the key.  It happens slowly over time and thousands of miles. 

Your shocks and struts keep you on the road.  Literally.  Every time your tires hit even the smallest bump in the road, it wants to hop into the air.  That’s not good.  And the shocks and struts are there to bring your tires back into contact with the road surface immediately.  So, for proper handling and safety, I would say that they are both are, oh, I don’t know…CRUCIAL

The second reason to replace your shocks and struts after 70,000 miles or so, is ride and comfort.  Recently, the good people at Tire Discounters recommended new shocks for the Phantomobile.   The ASE-certified technician invited me to have a look.  Fortunately, my Phantom glasses are also highly rated safety specs, so I was allowed into the shop.  (Though they do have safety glasses that all customers can borrow.)  And there it was, plain as the day on your face.  The fluid was leaking! 

That was over a week ago, and I’ve since discovered that new ride control not only ensured better handling and safety – I couldn’t believe how much more I was enjoying the ride!  Friends, it’s like driving a brand new Phantomobile! I urge you to go to Tire Discounters and ask this one simple question:  Do I need shocks and struts?