The Right Size Tires for Your SUV or Crossover

How do you know you’re getting the right size tires for your SUV or Crossover? These popular vehicles come in more sizes today than ever before and not just any tire is a safe one. Tires on new vehicles are specifically designed to optimize its characteristics. Spending a little time understanding the right size tires for your SUV or Crossover could be very beneficial.

Ratings, Indices and Patterns

Tires have different speed ratings, load indices and tread patterns. Say what? Tires have a lot of different ratings, so how do you determine what tires are best for your vehicle? You must look at how you drive and where you drive. You don’t have to buy the exact same tires that come with your vehicle. There are plenty of options available, but in the end, you will need similar tires to the originals.

The Importance of the Right Tires

It is very important that the tires you select are suitable for your specific SUV or Crossover. These multi-purpose vehicles are designed to be heavier and sit higher than ordinary cars. Which is much different than the typical car. SUVs and Crossovers need tires designed to stabilize the vehicle and carry heavier loads.

In some cases, SUVs and Crossovers come with tires made to stand up to the punishment of off road driving. If off road driving is not your thing, then maybe you want a tire that’s quieter and more fuel efficient. Again, it all depends on your driving characteristics, and the primary purpose of your vehicle.

Very Important: Load Index Rating

One rating that should factor into your decision-making process is the load index rating. You can find the load index rating on your current tires. The load rating is the last set of numbers at the end of a series of 12-14 numbers on the tire just above the rim.

Tire Discounters can Help

Stop by Tire Discounters and let our experts help you find the right size tires for your SUV or Crossover. Tire Discounters has a wide selection of tires, and our goal is to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your tire purchase.