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Tire Discounters is committed to keeping everyone safe on the roads. We encourage you not to ignore potholes but report them. If you have encountered a pothole and want to report it, simply click on the link of the state in which you wish to report your dreaded pothole.

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It never fails, between the middle of winter and the arrival of spring, we enter the dreaded pothole season. Yes, pothole season sneaks up on us and runs rampant across paved roads in those climates that have both freezing and thawing.

A pothole is defined as a structural failure in the surface of a paved road typically asphalt. It starts with water leaking into the underlying soil structure of the road. The significant swing of temperatures causes the leaking water to freeze and thaw. Once the water transitions from water to ice back to water it starts to erode the underlying soil. Add into the mix, the punishment of the constant pressure from the weight of our vehicles and that portion of road fatigues and creates a hole.

As the adage goes, a good driver will hit them all, and sure enough all of us have hit enough potholes in our lifetime. From the noticeable flat tire to a radical pull to one side of the road, or even exhaust system parts lying in the road, hitting a pothole can cause significant damage.

The damage might not be noticeable. For example, you might experience a bulge on the inside portion of the tire sidewall. This hidden danger could lead to an unexpected problem later.

Another potentially unnoticed issue could be that your wheel rim may have been bent or damaged. Having a wheel damaged can lead to a situation where additional damage can be done to multiple systems. You could even experience premature wear on shocks or struts or worse yet, your vehicle may be severely misaligned.

Worried about a pothole you recently hit? Put your mind at ease, schedule an appointment at your neighborhood Tire Discounters and we will do a complete ASE-Certified safety check to ensure everything is in good condition.

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