The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #64:

A Web Log about a poll from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

The other day I decided to conduct a poll of people I met on the street.  I’m not sure if my results can be considered “scientific” or not, but I’ll bet I spoke with upwards of 15 different people.  8 of whom continued speaking with me after I identified myself as a Phantom Tire with a secret identity.  I couldn’t have them thinking I was just some random stranger with a cape on.  

Well, the results were overwhelming, and I was dumbstruck once again by how many people are unaware of the fact that Tire Discounters is so much more than a tire store.  

Here are some of my findings:

5 out of 8 people buy all their tires at Tire Discounters.  That’s not nearly enough.

4 out of 8 people “think they do some other kind of work on cars”.  Well come now.  I wouldn’t call over 400,000 alignments and 10,000 brake jobs in the year 2019 alone – “some work”.

Brakes, Alignments, shocks and struts, oil changes, fluid exchanges – my friends, Tire Discounters does it all!  They can handle all your vehicles’ scheduled maintenance!  And do I need to remind you that they perform all these services with the same expertise and integrity that is synonymous with the name Tire Discounters?  

Oh, this is also interesting.  1 out of 8 people think I shouldn’t wear a cape in public.