The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #52:

A Web Log about mud tires from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

I am not an avid hunter.  As a Phantom Tire Buyer, I get a lot of questions from all sorts of people, but never once has a hunter asked me something like “Hello Phantom, are the mallards aflight?”  I was invited to tag along once on a hunting trip, but my cape kept getting snagged in the underbrush – significantly slowing down my compadres. 

So I was rather nonplussed when my neighbor pulled up in his camouflaged truck and exclaimed “Hey Phantom, can I ask you something?”  My mind reeled.  What could he want to ask?

“I’m sorry Ed, but I know very little about being an outdoorsy-type person.”

“Need some new mudders!  Thought you’d be the best guy to ask!”

“Oh, well in that case I’m quite flattered.  Before I answer, though, what’s a mudder?”

”You know, knobbies!”

Now I was beginning to question his sobriety.  “Knobbies?”

“C’mon, man!  Mud tires for my truck!”

“Oh!!!  I’m glad you asked!  Tire Discounters, owned and operated by the family of my good personal friend, Chip Wood, is recommending Thunderers for 2019!”

“Thunderers?  Wow, I’ve heard those are some beautiful, quality knobbies!”

“Um, yes, I’m assured that is the case.  Excellent mothers indeed!”

“You mean mudders?”