The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #55:

A Web Log about MAP from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

You know what “MAP” means, riiight?  HA!  Gotcha!  Sorry to be so amusingly coy, but the “MAP” I’m referring to here is the Motorist Assurance ProgramTire Discounters has been MAP accredited for many years.  My question for them is “why keep such exciting news to yourselves?” 

Please, please, NEVER trust your vehicle to a shop that is NOT MAP accredited.  (Unless maybe it’s owned by a blood relative.  2nd cousins, for example, wouldn’t count.)  BUT, if, like Tire Discounters, the shop is MAP approved, feel free to take your vehicle there for all your manufacturer’s scheduled services.  What?  No more exorbitant dealer service costs?  Exactly!

Here’s a little taste of what Tire Discounters and other reputable MAP accredited folks do every day with every customer…

  • Provide written recommendations for repairs
  • Provide a written estimate for the repairs
  • No work will be performed without prior authorization
  • Employ trained personnel in accordance with MAP Standards of Service
  • Inspect your vehicle based on the MAP Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards
  • Include a written limited warranty at no extra cost
  • Address any disputes in a timely, professional manner.

As you can see, following MAP guidelines isn’t easy.  Technicians must be carefully trained before they can carry through properly at every step.  

But it’s worth it!  And for a family-owned and operated company like Tire Discounters, the reason for MAP accreditation is even more basic:  it’s the right thing to do!