It’s All About The Pressure

Your tires play three key roles in the operation of your vehicle. They provide control, safety, and comfort. So it is only natural that tire pressure plays a big part of those three key roles.

Keeping your tires properly inflated is important for several reasons. Properly inflated tires last longer. Properly inflated tires are more fuel efficient and provide the best grip especially in inclement weather. Under inflated tires create increased friction, which in turn causes excessive heat and premature wear and tire failure.

Checking Tire Pressure

To monitor tire pressure, we recommend a simple stick type tire pressure gauge. There are all kinds available from dial type to digital. A stick gauge is inexpensive and fits easily in your glove box or console.

Next, locate the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure on the placard inside the driver’s side door. Don’t use the pressure indicated on the tire side wall because that’s maximum pressure and it won’t be the correct pressure for your car.

Best Time To Check Tire Pressure

Always check your tire pressure when the tires are cold, meaning they haven’t been driven on for about four hours. Remove the valve cap, and push the pressure gauge down firmly on the stem, adjust the gauge to sit squarely on the valve. The stick will pop up and show you the pressure of that tire.

If you need air, using an air compressor is the fastest way to fill your tires with air. Swing by a local Tire Discounters and we would be happy to fill your tire with the correct air pressure.

You’ll usually only need to put air in for a few seconds to reach the proper pressure. Figure about one second per pound. Check the pressure again and add or subtract air as needed until you reach the proper pressure to remove air, use the little nub on the back of the pressure gauge to press down on the needle in the middle of the valve. You’ll hear the air loudly escaping, check the pressure again, and there you have it, replace the valve cap, and you’re ready to move on to the next tire.

On many newer cars, you have a tire pressure monitor system. If a tire pressure warning shows on the dash your tire or monitoring system needs immediate attention and you should visit your Tire Discounters for an inspection.

Tire Discounters Can Help

At Tire Discounters, we are tire experts. Feel free to stop by a neighborhood store for a free tire inspection and pressure test.