The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #41:

A Web Log about heat from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

It is hot.  My Phantom Lair is located in a top secret location in Cincinnati, Ohio.  And like many of our friends in the Midwest, we are experiencing a massive heat wave.  I am trying to stay inside whenever possible.  BUT – as a Phantom Tire Buyer, I have responsibilities that only grow more crucial with every uptick of the thermometer. 

We can all agree that proper tire pressure is essential to maintaining safe and long-lasting tires. But did you know that extreme heat makes tire pressure even more CRUCIAL?  My neighbors all know it. Recently my monthly neighborhood complementary tire pressure check became a weekly neighborhood pressure check. I begin my rounds before dawn, allowing me to be finished before the real heat of the day sets in. After all, we all know tire pressure is best checked first thing in the morning.

While intense heat can increase the pressure in your tires, creating a potential danger of lack of control and even tire failure, many people don’t understand that the ill effects of under inflated tires are exaggerated in the heat.  Under-inflation can warp the sidewall and create more heat in the rubber, which affects handling AND tire wear.

Just a side note to those of you who may want to volunteer to become your neighborhood’s complementary tire pressure checker…you might want to get everyone’s permission first.  I won’t go into the details, but you don’t want to be standing in your neighbor’s driveway with a flashlight in one hand and a tire pressure gauge in the other when a police cruiser pulls up. It may be better to just visit your neighborhood Tire Discounters location for your own free tire pressure check and safety inspection.