Windshield Washer Fluid and Safety

Checking your windshield washer fluid regularly may seem like a trivial task. A task that is easy to forget or ignore due to the infrequent use. While it may not be used as much as your brakes or seat belts, it just might become the most important safety feature on your vehicle. When you need it, you NEED it.

A splash of mud, everyday dirt and dust build-up, or a plethora of bugs make wiper fluid extremely important. Washer fluid becomes your hero when visibility is at its worst.

Obstructed views of oncoming traffic, suddenly stopping vehicles or that crazy squirrel can lead to a serious accident. A dirty windshield will reduce or eliminate your reaction time completely.

How often should I check my windshield washer fluid?

Ideally, you should check your washer fluid every month. This ensures that you are plenty prepared for the unexpected dirty windshield conditions that are hard to predict based on usage.

More common, when you change your oil, check and fill your wiper fluid. During the winter and spring seasons, motorists tend to use more fluid than other seasons, so keep a closer eye on it during that time of the year.

While you’re having your washer fluid checked, you might as well have the entire system checked. After all, what good is a full tank of washer fluid if you have problems like, dried out and cracked wiper blades, or a spray line clogged with debris?

One idea we would discourage you from is filling your washer fluid tank with plain water. This could cause freezing in cold weather or bacteria growth over the course of a hot summer creating failure of your entire system. Always use proper wiper fluid for optimal results.

Stop by your local Tire Discounters for a Free Fluid Check and we will look at all your important fluids; oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and washer fluid. Let the experts take care of you and your vehicle.