The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #28



Dear  Diary

A Web Log from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

February 12, 2019

Potholes!  Anyone who has ventured out onto the roads recently has had to deal with these sinister sink-holes.  In no way do I mean to disparage the good and hard working people who maintain our roads – BUT, imagine my dismay upon discovering a cavernous crater right outside of my lair!  If these rascals feel free to scar the road of a Phantom Tire Buyer with a secret identity and close personal friend of Chip Wood’s, who knows what havoc they are wreaking upon those who have no connection to Tire Discounters!

But fear not!  In the interest of safe travel for everyone, Tire Discounters ALWAYS offers free inspections, even to those who have not been wise enough to take advantage of their goods and services.

So the best thing you can do if you’ve encountered one of these malicious menaces is to head to Tire Discounters, toot-sweet, and have your tire inspected and alignment checked!

Now I must go.  I intend to stand guard over the pothole outside of my lair and warn unsuspecting drivers of the impending danger.  Fortunately, my cape is weather-proof.

Avoid Pothole Damage

The constantly changing temperatures are taking their toll on the roads. As you spend time cruising behind the wheel, you should keep your eyes peeled for potholes. Here are a few simple things you can do to avoid letting potholes disrupt your commute:

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4 Essential Tips for Holiday Travel

HolidayOver the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house you may go for the holidays. While you’re looking forward to a joyous holiday season, traveling can be stressful. Not just for you but your vehicle as well.

Tire Discounters wants you to be safe on the road and enjoy all holiday festivities. Put your mind at ease by visiting your local Tire Discounters and take advantage of our seven different courtesy checks or our extensive 22-point safety check to ensure your vehicle is in good condition and safe for all your holiday travel needs.

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5 Key Ingredients to November Vehicle Prep

The turning of the calendar to November signals the start of the busiest time of the year. From fall school activities wrapping-up before the holiday season to honoring our fine men and women on Veterans Day to spending time with family and friends on Thanksgiving. The month of November is a month packed full of important events and celebrations. Vehicle prep is not usually on anyone’s radar. more “5 Key Ingredients to November Vehicle Prep”

Alignment – So Crucial!

What if you walked at a left angle all the time? You would never get where you needed to be, that’s what. Also, people would probably stare. At Tire Discounters, we hold alignment in high regard. It is crucial to the life of your tires and gives you more control over your vehicle. In fact, we hold alignment in such high regard that it is FREE with a 4-tire purchase bought in conjunction with the TD standard installation package.

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