Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Tips for keeping your car dependable in the cold weather

Temperatures are dipping in many parts of the country. Freezing temperatures could cause unsafe driving conditions and car trouble. To stay safe on the roads, Tire Discounters suggests the following tips to prep your car for freezing temperatures:

  • Keep 1/4 tank of gas in your car or more. Low fuel levels can freeze within the tank.
  • Get your coolant checked so it does not freeze and damage the engine.
  • Test your battery. Battery power drops as the temperature drops. Stop by your neighborhood Tire Discounters store for a free battery check
  • Check your wiper blades. Depending on the level of use they get, windshield wipers normally need to be replaced about every six months. Ice can accelerate wiper blade wear, causing tears or rips in the rubber.
  • Fill wiper fluid and anti-freeze. During the winter months, top off your fluid and keep an extra jug with you. The same goes for anti-freeze as it keeps your cooling system from freezing up.
  • Remove dirt, ice and snow from sensors to allow assistive-driving features to work. In cold conditions, warm up the car before you drive it. Make sure to never leave a vehicle running in your garage. This will prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Check the tire pressure and tread on your tires. Tire pressure drops as the temperature drops – on average, one PSI for every 10 degrees. Proper tire pressure is a crucial element of driver safety, as it affects overall traction, cornering, and braking. Check your door jamb placard for the recommended inflation level and ensure that it stays within safe levels throughout the winter.
  • Check your air filter: This is another often-overlooked part of your engine that can hinder performance if it’s not well-maintained. Typically, air filters can last anywhere from 15,000-30,000 miles, so it’s always a good idea to have an expert check it out when they go under the hood. If you drive in areas with lots of dirt roads or construction, you might need to get a new filter more frequently. A clogged air filter can reduce your gas mileage, your horsepower and can lead to accelerated engine wear. It’s also a good idea to check your cabin air filter for cleaner air and better HVAC performance.
  • Pack an emergency kit with warm clothes, non-perishable food, flares, gloves and a blanket, a first aid kit and a mobile phone charger in case you get stranded. It is also nice to have a shovel in case you need to dig your car out of the snow.
  • Monitor bad weather before travelling. If travelling, take necessary precautions and share your travel plans with a trusted individual.
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