The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #73:

A Web Log about brakes from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

Right now, where I live in Cincinnati, OH (also the home of the greatest tire store in the world) people all over town are rolling down their car windows for the first time since winter set in.  And guess what many of us are hearing?  “Squeee, squeee!”.   That’s not a technical term.  It’s supposed to represent the terrible and annoying squeaks made by brakes that need attention.  

If you’ve been startled by this or a similar noise, I highly recommend that you take your vehicle to the afore-mentioned Tire Discounters.  There, the friendly and expert ASE technicians will perform a free and thorough inspection.  How thorough?  I’m glad you asked!

Every part of your braking system that is subject to wear will be checked.  That includes friction materials like brake pads and shoes, and brake rotors and brake drums.  Then, the hydraulic system gets a good going-over.  In addition to analyzing the brake fluid, the master cylinder, steel brake lines, brake hoses, brake calipers and wheel cylinders are all inspected.  

Then, you see the resulting written documentation.  

For me, the best part is that, because of Chip Wood’s leadership and values, at Tire Discounters the emphasis is never on SELLING you brakes.  They LOVE to tell customers that everything is fine.  But if works needs to be done, you’ll know exactly why.  And you can trust that you’ll be safe in your travels.