The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #70:

A Web Log about a boat from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

My neighbor, Bill, loves the spring and summer.  In a few weeks it will be time for his spring ritual: taking his F150 and his boat trailer to Tire Discounters for a complete checkup.  Last night we had brief chat over the fence.

“Phantom, unless there’s a recall, I’m never setting foot in a dealership service department again. I used to think that they were only ones who I could trust to work on Myrtle.”

(As an aside, dear reader, Myrtle is the name of Bill’s truck.  I believe the trailer is nameless.) 

“Why should you, Bill, when Tire Discounters can bring to bear the expertise of their ASE Certified technicians and perform all of Myrtle’s factory scheduled maintenance?  Not to mention making sure your trailer’s lights, brakes and tires are up to snuff.”

“That’s when I first went there for my trailer.  Had dry rot in one of the tires, and BLAM.  Blew right out a mountain road on the way to the Cumberland.  Not a pretty story.  Made it to Tire Discounters in Nashville.  They fixed me up, checked the brakes – fixed a taillight and replaced that bum spare.”

“Bill, as I often say, thank goodness for Tire Discounters!”

“Well, I might not go that far…but heck, why not?  Awful glad they’re around.” 

“So you can use Myrtle for work and for fun and not worry about it?”

“Tire Discounters is my first stop when I hook up the trailer to Myrtle every spring.  Hey, think I need to name my trailer?”

“Um, well…”

“Harvey!  That’s it.  They’ll now be known as Harvey and Myrtle.”