The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #63:

A Web Log about alignment from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

I was counting my items to see if I qualified for the fast check out line the other day, when someone recognized me and asked, how’s everything at Discount Tire?

I’m afraid I may have over reacted.  

“I wouldn’t know, my good man, as I make every attempt never to darken their door!”

This came out a good deal louder than I’d intended.  

“Oh”, he replied.  “No offense intended”.

I gathered my composure as best I could.  

“I shouldn’t have snapped at you.  But, you see, because of the name similarity, Discount Tire is often confused with Tire Discounters, which was founded by my close personal friend, Chip Wood.  I admit, it is a little tricky if you have only a superficial knowledge of the two companies.  But I can assure you, the similarities stop with the names.”

“Oh really,” the man replied, “tell me more.  Normally I’m in a hurry to leave the grocery store, but I find myself enthralled by your tale.”

“That other store, whose name I shan’t mention again, doesn’t even perform alignments!  They sell tires, but they won’t even invest in the equipment and expert personnel needed to perform an alignment.  And putting new tires on an unaligned vehicle can ruin the tires!”  

“Oh my goodness!  I had no idea!  I’ll never confuse the good people at Tire Discounters with those others again!  Plus, I’m going to tell everyone I know to stay away from that other place and ONLY go to Tire Discounters!”  

Then, dear reader, I heard the lovely strains of the Tire Discounters jingle.  Yes, it was my alarm clock, awakening me from my beautiful dream.