The Diary of the Phantom Tire Buyer #51:

A Web Log about a bad dream from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

I had a nightmare last night.  I’m afraid it’s a recurring bad dream that visits me annually right around this time of year.  I am walking into a strange tire store, not like a Tire Discounters at all, in fact, I would describe it as the Anti-Tire Discounters.  Filled with a sense of foreboding, I look around for the comforting sight of a Hunter Alignment rack – there are none to seen!  No alignment racks at all!

Just then, door opens and a very worried looking woman walks in.  The lights suddenly dim and the walls begin flashing with lights that resemble dashboard tire pressure warning lights

The woman stammers: “I need help with my tires.”

Now, have you seen the ‘Lord of the Rings’?  Because the disembodied voice that answered sounded a lot like Gollum. 

“Of courssse”, it hissed.  “We’ll take care of you.  We’ll take gooood care of our precioussss!”

I hear myself shouting:  Noooooo!.  Then the dream ends with me in midair after I leap in between the distressed woman and whatever peril lurked behind the high counter. 

I can only speculate, but I think this awful dream is brought on when the weather begins to turn colder.  That’s when tire pressure sensors begin to warn us of low tire pressure.  Very often, the simple change in temperature is the culprit.  But if your sensor goes off, please have it checked by an expert at Tire Discounters.  Yes, there are other shops that would do an adequate job checking out your tires, but let’s all make sure to avoid any nightmare scenarios.  Selfishly, I am hoping that if everyone follows this advice, I’ll be able to get some rest at last!