5 Winter Ready Tips for Your Vehicle

While the weather outside might not always be frightful, nothing is worse than not being winter ready. There is nothing worse than dealing with vehicle problems when you’re battling frigid temperatures, snow, ice and wind.

Inclement weather conditions and freezing temperatures can cause some serious problems for both the roads and your vehicle. We get it, snow and sleet can be stressful. Tire Discounters wants to help by making sure your vehicle is in safe condition during the winter season.

1 – Check your battery

The frosty weather can quickly take its toll on your battery, often reducing its capacity. Before old man winter officially arrives, stop by your neighborhood Tire Discounters store for a free battery check to make sure yours is ready for the cold temps.

2 – Install new windshield wipers

Depending on the level of use they get, windshield wipers normally need to be replaced every six months. Don’t wait til you have a wintry mess fly into your line of sight to find out that your wipers aren’t winter ready.

3 – Check your tire pressure and tread

As the temperature drops, it’s common for your tires to lose pressure – on average, one PSI for every 10 degrees. Proper tire pressure is a crucial element of driver safety, as it affects overall traction, cornering and braking. Check your door jamb for the recommended inflation level and ensure that it stays within safe levels throughout the winter. Our professionals at Tire Discounters can check both with our free tire tread check.

4 – Top off windshield washer fluid and anti-freeze

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to rinse the salty gunk off your windshield, only to find out that your washer fluid reservoir is empty (c’mon, we know you’ve been there). Not only is this a frustrating problem, it could also be a safety concern. During the winter months, it’s a good idea to top off your fluid and keep an extra jug with you – just in case. The same goes for anti-freeze; this solution, as its name suggests, literally keeps your cooling system from freezing up.

5 – Stock a winter emergency kit

Don’t find yourself stranded in the frozen tundra with nothing to keep you warm. Keep several warm blankets, a heavy coat, a first aid kit and a cell phone charger – among other things – stowed away in case you need them. Also, a piece of carpet, bag of salt or container of kitty litter in case you need some traction on icy roads.

What do I do now?

Tire Discounters is always here to help, so don’t hesitate to call us if you have a weather related emergency! We can prepare your vehicle for the cold months ahead. Our ASE certified professionals are trained to review all your vital systems, and make sure your vehicle is in safe condition.