The Diary Of The Phantom Tire Buyer – Entry #13

Dear  Diary

A Web Log from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

October 3, 2018

After a festive visit to the newest Tire Discounters in Vandalia, Ohio, (Chip and the rest of the crew threw another CARnival there on Saturday) I was left with a major quandary:  how could there possibly be a more pleasant and beautiful community than Vandalia?  Of course, the new Tire Discounters is the icing on the cake, as it were, but there were many other attractions as well.

Again, while at the CARnival, I was approached by a young man who queried: “are you really Chip Wood under that cape and glasses?”  That question never fails to amuse me.  Sometimes my good friend Chip and I will share a good-natured chuckle over this recurring misunderstanding.  Once again, I patiently explained that it would be impossible –  after all, Chip Wood doesn’t wear glasses!

Well, I’m signing off now.  Getting sleepy, and soon I’ll dream of a world in which all tires are aligned, rotated and perfectly balanced.  Impossible or unattainable?  I think not.

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The Diary Of The Phantom Tire Buyer – Entry #12

A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret IdentityDear  Diary,

A Web Log from A Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity

September 26, 2018

Wow, just wow!  It started out as just another Saturday.  I was perusing the uni-directional wheel instructions in the 2018 Tire Guide, when I received word that Tire Discounters on Ferguson Road was holding a CARnival from 12-3pm that very day!  (By the way, are you as impressed as I am by the cleverness of naming the event a CARnival?  See, the word CAR is hidden in the word carnival.  I wish I had the kind of creative mind that could come up with things like that.)

Well, I decided then and there to hop into the Phantomobile and see what the excitement was all about!  And exciting it was.   There was a radio station broadcasting from the parking lot, and everywhere you looked there were children enjoying face-painting and games and adults and children alike were all feasting on BBQ and Kona Ice.  I learned that every one of the first 75 cars to attend received a $50 Tire Discounters gift card!  Just think of the possibilities:  one could use the card for tires, alignment, brakes, shocks and struts, or even purchase a full synthetic oil change!

Then to top it all off, at 3pm there was a raffle (tickets were free) for a set of wheels and tires worth up to $2,000.00!

Now I have reliable sources telling me that there is another CARnival set for Saturday, September 29, at the new Tire Discounters in Vandalia OH, on N. Dixie Highway.  I heartily recommend that anyone who lives nearby, (a radius of say, 250 miles) attend this fun and rewarding event!

Visit the Vandalia Tire Discounters page.

Tailgating Tips for Your Vehicle

Tailgating in your most prized possession, a game worn jersey from your childhood idol that played on the 1988 championship team. It may be a little worn and tight, might smell less than desirable, and have a few food stains, but it is an essential part of your game day ritual.

Once the cherished family artifact is in its place, it’s time for face paint. You apply your teams colors with laser like precision to make sure your team spirit is adequately represented on your face. The routine must be followed in an exact order, everything must be the same each and every time your team does battle on the gridiron. It’s not a superstition, it’s tradition!

Tradition doesn’t stop with the attire oh no, everything must be the same to ensure that the football spirits show favor on your team. One minor miscue and it could cost your team the game and the season. This includes your game day feast. The standard chips and dip let you down in 2001, and those spicy wings stung your team in 2004. Let’s not even discuss the chili fiasco of 2008 or the donut disaster of 2010.

The tide turned in your favor in 2012 when you introduced team inspired sliders with special team sauces. Since that shake-up in your gameday feast, your team has seen far more victories than defeats.

Weekends full of tailgating feasts dance through your head this time of year but one very important aspect that we may neglect to address is making sure your vehicle is game day ready.

Here are 5 tips to help keep your most valuable vehicle ready to tackle the challenges of tailgate season.

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Back To School Vehicle Maintenance And Safety Checklists

From the iconic 1995 movie Billy Madison “I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school.”

It’s Back to School Season and whether you are the primary driver, or your kids are going off to college, now is the perfect time to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for the busy times ahead.

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Alignment – So Crucial!

What if you walked at a left angle all the time? You would never get where you needed to be, that’s what. Also, people would probably stare. At Tire Discounters, we hold alignment in high regard. It is crucial to the life of your tires and gives you more control over your vehicle. In fact, we hold alignment in such high regard that it is FREE with a 4-tire purchase bought in conjunction with the TD standard installation package.

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National Brake Safety Awareness Month

The Car Care Council and the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) have designated August as National Brake Safety Awareness Month. While oil changes and tire rotation are common maintenance routines, brake inspections are often overlooked.

We don’t need to point out that brakes are kind of important!  But they wear and age like any other system in your vehicle. And they’re sneaky.  Your brakes lose stopping power so gradually that you might not notice that your safety is at risk.

There are several factors that affect brake wear, including your driving habits, operating conditions, vehicle type, and the quality of the brake lining material.

Always put your safety first – never ignore routine brake inspections or repair. Allowing your brakes to get down to the “metal-on-metal” contact, is potentially dangerous and will lead to a higher repair bill.

Warning Signs Your Brakes Need to be Inspected

Unusual Noise

This is one of the most common signs that there is a problem with your brakes. If you hear screeching, grinding or clicking noises when you press on the brake, you need to get it checked!

Pulling to a Side

Your vehicle pulls to one side while braking.

Low Pedal Pressure

When your brake pedal nearly touches the floor before engaging.

Hard Pedal Pressure

The opposite of low pedal pressure. If you must apply extreme pressure to the pedal before brakes engage.


If your brakes grab at the slightest touch to the pedal.


If you press the brake pedal and it vibrates or pulses, even under normal braking conditions.

Brake Light

Your brake light is illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard.

When to replace your brake components can be difficult to estimate. Deterioration depends on several conditions such as the extent of driving, variations in climate, quality of brake pads and frequency of stopping.

Vehicles should have their tires rotated every 3-6 months or every 5,000 miles.  That is a good time to have the brakes inspected as well. A Tire Discounters certified ASE mechanic can provide you with a free multi-point inspection and measure all brake pads/shoes, rotors/brake drums and inspect the brake hydraulic system.

Call or chat with us to schedule your FREE brake inspection.

College Vehicle Prep

It’s no secret that younger drivers many times overlook the importance of proper vehicle maintenance. As college-aged drivers head back to campus, here are some things parents can do to prepare their son or daughter’s vehicle for the return:

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The 5 Best Road Trip Tips

No matter how much care and effort you put into planning, a road trip never seems to go exactly as planned. You might forget your most important item, even if you have a strict packing list. Your child might be prone to car sickness, which might make you queasy, too. Or… and this is a big one… you might get a flat tire. more “The 5 Best Road Trip Tips”